Winning Darts With Two Points Remaining: Strategies for Success

how to win darts with 2 points left

As an avid darts player, you’ve found yourself in this position before. The game is close, tensions are high, and you have two points remaining to win the match. At this critical juncture, your strategy and composure will determine the outcome. Do you go for the bullseye and risk missing, or aim for a triple … Read more

The Thrill of the Kill: How to Play Gotcha Darts

How to play gotcha darts

Welcome to the world of Gotcha Darts, where traditional dart games are given a surprising twist! Gotcha Darts may not be as well-known as some other dart games, but it is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Similar to classic games like 501 or 301, Gotcha Darts offers a unique and engaging experience that … Read more

Master the Art of Bermuda Triangle Darts


You’ve heard of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, but did you know there’s a fun game inspired by this legendary place? Bermuda Triangle Darts is a unique game that challenges your skills and scores big on fun. The goal is simple: throw your darts into the Specific scoring area for points, but be careful—some areas are … Read more

Shanghai Special: Master the JDC Dart Challenge

What is JDC dart Challenge?

The JDC Challenge is a darts practice routine that was created by the Junior Darts Corporation (JDC), an organization that promotes and develops the sport of darts for young players. The JDC Challenge involves playing three different games on the dartboard and scoring points based on your performance. You can play it online on the … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About MPR in Darts

What is MPR in Darts

You’ve heard it mentioned during televised darts matches and maybe wondered what it means—MPR. MPR stands for marks per round and it’s one of the most important stats in darts. If you want to understand the game and player performance better, you need to know what MPR measures and why it matters. MPR calculates the … Read more

Bogey Numbers in Darts: What They Are and How to Hit Them

Bogey Numbers in Darts

You’ve been playing darts for a while now and are starting to get pretty good at it. You can consistently hit the big numbers like 20 and bullseye, and your accuracy is improving. Now you’re ready to up your game by aiming for bogey numbers. Bogeys, as they’re called for short, refer to the trickier, … Read more