Master the Art of Bermuda Triangle Darts

You’ve heard of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, but did you know there’s a fun game inspired by this legendary place? Bermuda Triangle Darts is a unique game that challenges your skills and scores big on fun. The goal is simple: throw your darts into the Specific scoring area for points, but be careful—some areas are booby-trapped and cost you points!

This game combines the thrill of darts with the excitement of navigating the treacherous Bermuda Triangle. In this guide, you’ll master the art of Bermuda Triangle Darts. You’ll learn insider tips and tricks from the pros for high-scoring and avoiding penalties.

Your friends will be amazed at your dart-throwing prowess and dying to play. Once you discover the secrets of this game, you’ll never look at darts the same way again. Prepare to enter the Bermuda Triangle—if you dare!

What Is Bermuda Triangle Darts?

Bermuda Triangle darts, also known as Halve-It, is a simple yet challenging game. The goal is to consistently hit specific numbers on the board, or risk losing half your points!

How It Works

In each round, only certain numbers on the board are active targets. For example, in round 1, only the number 12 counts. Hit any 12-segment for points. Miss the board or hit the wrong number? Your score is cut in half.

In round 2, only 13 counts. Again, hit 13 to score, miss and lose half. This continues through each number. Some rounds allow you to pick your own double or triple as the target. Land all three darts in the bullseye for big points in the final round!

The player with the highest score at the end of 12 rounds wins. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. The pressure is on to hit your target every round. One slip up and your lead could vanish.

Strategies and Tips

If your aim isn’t the best, go for the large single segments to start. Once you hit one, take a riskier shot at a triple. Never aim for doubles – fewer points and a higher chance of missing the board altogether.

When an opponent is way ahead, hope for them to miss and lose a big chunk of points. When it happens to you, your opponents will be hoping for the same!

The key is focus. Take your time, tune out distractions, and hit your target. Easier said than done with so much at stake each round. But master this mental game and you’ll master Bermuda Triangle darts.

Rules and targets of Bermuda Triangle Dart Game


If you want to master Bermuda Triangle darts, you need to understand the rules. The targets and scoring can get tricky, so pay attention!


During each round, only one number on the board is “live”. You must hit that number to score, or you lose half your points! The targets go from 12 to 20, then the bullseye.

4Any double of your choice
8Any triple of your choice
12Inner and outer bull (both worth 25 points)
13Inner bullseye (worth 50 points)


  • Hit the target number and score as marked (e.g. triple 20 is 60 points).
  • Miss the target and lose half your points. If you have an odd number, round down.
  • The highest score at the end of 13 rounds wins!

To keep the math easy, I recommend writing down each player’s score after every turn. This way you always know exactly how much to deduct if someone misses.

With the right skills and strategy, you’ll be the master of this tricky target game in no time. Now grab your darts, chalk up the scoreboard, and let the games begin!

How to Score Points and Avoid Penalties in Bermuda Triangle darts

How to Score Points and Avoid Penalties

Scoring in Bermuda Triangle darts is straightforward but be careful—it’s easy to lose points fast if you’re not on your game. As you throw, keep a close eye on the active target for each round. Only darts that land on the specified number count toward your score.

For rounds 1 through 11, you’ll want to aim for the single, double, or triple segment of the target number. Landing a dart in the bullseye during rounds 12 or 13 scores 25 or 50 points respectively. Any dart that misses the target number is a miss and won’t add to your score.

After three darts, if you fail to hit the target, your total score gets cut in half as a penalty. Ouch! To avoid this unpleasant surprise, focus on accuracy over power or tricky shots. Consistently hitting the big single segment is better than ambitious shots that miss the mark.

Once you get a feel for the active target, you can start aiming for the higher value doubles or triples. Just be sure at least one dart connects before trying riskier shots. There’s never a reason to aim for doubles in this game—you get fewer points and could end up off the board completely.

A sample round could go like this:

Round 1 (Target: 12)

  • Dart 1: Triple 12 (36 points)
  • Dart 2: Single 12 (12 points)
  • Dart 3: Miss
  • Score for Round 1: 48 points

Round 2 (Target: 13)

  • Dart 1: Double 13 (26 points)
  • Dart 2: Single 13 (13 points)
  • Dart 3: Miss
  • Score for Round 2: 39 points

Total Score: 87 points

The scoring will continue until the end of round 13. Failing to hit a target during a round will result in a significant deduction from your score. Your score will be reduced by half. For instance, if at the end of round 8, you scored 120 points, but at round 9, all three of your darts missed the single, double, or triple of 18, you will receive a penalty that halves your score. This would bring your score down to 60 points, and you would start round 10 with a total score of only 60 points.

The key to success in Bermuda Triangle darts is discipline, focus, and learning from your mistakes. Keep your eye on the prize, aim carefully, and avoid penalties. Do that, and you’ll be a pro at this perplexing game in no time!

Tips for Hitting the Targets

Tips for Hitting the Targets

To consistently hit your targets in Bermuda Triangle darts and avoid those dreaded penalties, focus on these tips:

Aim small, miss small

Take your time to carefully aim for the exact spot you want to hit. Don’t just throw in the general direction and hope for the best. Focus on a specific section or wedge to increase your accuracy. The more you practice precise aiming, the better you’ll get at it.

Start with larger targets

If you’re not the most accurate thrower, begin by aiming for the larger single number sections. Once you’ve landed a dart there, you can take a chance at the double or triple without worry of halving your points. As your skills improve, challenge yourself to go for the higher value targets right from the start.

Forget the doubles

There’s no benefit to aiming for a double in Bermuda Triangle. You get fewer points than a triple, and you risk throwing off the board entirely. Triples are the way to go for maximum points.

Stay focused

It’s easy to get distracted after a few rounds, but you must maintain concentration. Keep your eyes on the target, take a few breaths to steady your arm, and throw with purpose. Losing focus for even a single throw can lead to a missed target and point penalty. Stay engaged in the game from start to finish.

Following these tips will help make you a Bermuda Triangle pro in no time. Stay focused, aim carefully, start with bigger targets, and always go for the triples. Keep practicing and remember—don’t miss! Your opponents will thank you for the chance to catch up.

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Strategies for Winning at Bermuda Triangle

Strategies for Winning at Bermuda Triangle

To master Bermuda Triangle darts, strategy and focus are key. A few tips can help give you an edge over your opponents.

Aim small, miss small

The targets in Bermuda Triangle start broad but get increasingly narrow. Start by aiming for the large single wedge for the number in play. Once you’ve scored, you can take riskier shots at the doubles or triples. Focus on precision over power.

Go for triples

If your aim is decent, triples are your best friend. They’re worth the most points and you’re unlikely to miss all three darts into a different number. Forget about doubles—they’re too risky for the points.

Stay calm under pressure

The penalty for missing the target altogether is harsh—your score gets cut in half. But don’t panic. Take a deep breath and refocus for your next turn. Rushing or getting frustrated will only make you miss more. Stay focused on the current target number.

Know when to play it safe

If you have a strong lead going into the later rounds with narrow targets like the bullseye, play it safe. Aim for the single bullseye and avoid risky shots at the double or triple. One miss could cost you your lead.

Mix up your shots

Don’t throw all three darts the same way each time. Mix up your shots by aiming at different parts of the target number—try the top, middle and bottom. This keeps your opponents guessing and prevents your shots from clustering in one spot.

By following these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to mastering Bermuda Triangle darts and frustrating your opponents. Stay calm, focus on precision, know when to take risks and when to play it safe. With practice, you’ll be conquering the Bermuda Triangle in no time!

Rules Variations to Spice Up Your Game

Rules Variations to Spice Up Your Game

To spice up your Bermuda Triangle darts game, try implementing some of these rule variations:

Target Roulette

Instead of following the standard target progression (12, 13, 14…), put all the numbers on the board into a randomizer to determine each round’s target. This injects an element of chance and surprise that keeps players on their toes. You never know if you’ll be aiming at the 1 or the 20 next!

Double Trouble

During one round, the only targets that score are doubles. This means a player must hit a double 12, double 13, double 14, and so on to score that round. Failure to do so results in the standard penalty of halving the score. Throwing at small doubles segments tests a player’s accuracy and adds pressure.

Triple Threat

Same as Double Trouble but triples are the only targets that score for one round. Hitting the triple 20 for 60 points feels excellent…if you can manage it!

Outer Limits

For one round, only darts that land in the outer bullseye (single 25) or outer single ring (1 through 10 and 15 through 20) count. The inner bullseye and center singles are dead zones. This challenges players by limiting the scoring area.

Mix and Match

Combine multiple rule variations for an unpredictable game. For example, do “double trouble” for one round, “triple threat” the next, and “target roulette” after that. Keep players on their toes by constantly changing the rules. The player who can adapt quickly will have the advantage.

Adding twists to the standard rules keeps Bermuda Triangle darts engaging and tests players’ skills in new ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different variations to find the perfect balance of challenge and fun for your group. The options for customizing this game are endless!


Bermuda Triangle darts is also known as Halve-It in some areas. The rules are basically the same, just different terminology.

You score points by hitting the target number for each round. Doubles and triples count for their normal values. For example, a triple 20 scores 60 points. If you miss the target after 3 darts, your score is cut in half as a penalty.

If there’s a tie at the end of the game, you keep playing additional rounds until someone has a higher score. The first player to have a higher total after a round wins.

You can only aim for the bullseye during the designated bullseye rounds. Any other time, the bullseye is out of bounds. Hitting it will result in a miss and score penalty.

If your dart falls out of the board or bounces off during a throw, it does not count. You get another throw in its place. Make sure your darts are sharp and gripped firmly before throwing.

Yes, Bermuda Triangle darts works great with both bristle and electronic dartboards. The gameplay and scoring are the same. The only difference is you won’t have to do any math – the electronic board will track scores and penalties for you!

The key strategy is simple: don’t miss! Aim carefully for your target and throw consistently. Go for higher point areas like triples when you have a lead, but play it safe if you’re behind. And of course, practice your aim before the game so you’re on target from the start. With a bit of skill and a lot of luck, you’ll master the Bermuda Triangle in no time.


So there you have it, everything you need to know to become a Bermuda Triangle Darts master. Now grab some friends, grab some darts, and get throwing. Don’t forget to adjust for the wind and keep practicing that release.

Before you know it, you’ll be hitting triples and scoring 180s. Once you’ve dominated the basics, start experimenting with different stances and grips to find what works for you. The key is just getting out there and playing as much as possible.

Bermuda Triangle Darts is all about having fun, so make sure to relax, embrace the mystery of where those darts might land, and enjoy this quirky game with good company. You’ve got this! Now go unleash your inner dart shark.

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